Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Write A Letter To Obama To Support A Strong Pubic Option

stampMy name is Marta Evry. For five months last year, I put my career on hold to help organize and run hundreds of phone banks in Los Angeles and to help send thousands of volunteers to Nevada and New Mexico to register voters in support of Barack Obama.

I wasn't alone. Whether it was donating, volunteering or the simple act of affixing a bumper sticker, millions of us got involved to make fundamental change in our country.

Nothing is more central to that cause than fixing our broken health care system. Like many of you, I am convinced that a robust public insurance option open to all Americans on Day One is an essential component in making that dream a reality.

On Wednesday night, President Obama will present his vision for comprehensive health care reform to Congress and the Nation. For-profit insurance companies are actively working behind the scenes to persuade the President that a robust public option not be part of that vision. It's time for all of us who worked or volunteered for Obama to make our voices heard. It's time to send the President a message:

Mr. President, no one in this country should to die just because they don't have insurance and no one should go bankrupt or live in fear just because they get sick. Millions of us who volunteered last fall believe this to our core. If you will fight for a robust public option, we will fight with you!

If you volunteered for Obama, or donated to his campaign, you probably got a lot of emails from OFA or Obama asking to support his campaign.

Have you noticed that they all come from info@barackobama.com?

Did you know that you can write Barack Obama using that email address? Further, did you know that when you write to Barack Obama at info@barackobama.com, that Barack Obama's staff will be able to see right away from your email address that you were a donor or a volunteer to his campaign?

Well, it's true. And it's powerful. Politicians notice when their donors and volunteers write them an email. There's 13 million of us on Barack Obama's email list. Do you think he'd notice if we all wrote him this week about the need for healthcare reform?



Send an email to info@barackobama.com before Wednesday evening and tell the President in your own words how you supported him during the campaign, and why you support a strong public option now. It can be as long or as short as you want, just as long as it comes from your heart.


We need you to share your support for a robust public option with your family and friends. Simply forward post to your friends. If you belong to Facebook, share this link with your Facebook friends. If you use twitter, use the hashtag #dearobama to spread the word.

Nothing is more powerful than rooting our support for comprehensive healthcare reform in our activism in support for Barack Obama and sharing that with our community.

Not sure what to write? Another fellow Obama volunteer, Paul Delehanty, encouraged thousands of Obama volunteers to write the President. You can read the letters he and many others wrote here.

You can read my letter to the President here.

Alone, I am only one voice, but if you join me,
one voice can change a room,
and if one voice can change a room,
it can change a city,
and if it can change a city,
it can change a state,
and if it can change a state,
it can change a nation,
and if it can change a nation,
it can change the world.

Let's go change the world.

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