Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Whole Foods Flash Mob - A Love Story

Over the weekend, I posted a video from the Brass Liberation Orchestra about their wonderful flash mob/marching band protest at the Oakland Whole Foods. Read on, and watch the video below, to learn how this video came to be:

Feeling conservatives had been winning the limelight in the debate over healthcare reform through a serious of high profile stunts and remarks, advocates of reform decided to steal back some of the media's attention, forming a flash mob Sept. 26 in an Oakland Whole Foods in response to the CEO's recent Op-Ed in the Wall Street Journal in which he opposed reform.

At 6:11 p.m., 35 protesters, who had been fake-shopping the aisles of the green foods giant, convened at the middle of the store, and launched into singing "Hey Mackey, you're a swine," some shouting it into a megaphone and others dancing a choreographed jig as a live orchestra blared from all directions.

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