Friday, September 4, 2009

Outrage - How did Blue Dog Jane Harman end up to the left of Obama on health care reform?

Can someone tell me how it is Jane Harman (yes, that Jane Harman) apparently ended up to the left of Barack Obama on health care reform?

Last night I joined 400 health care reform supporters under a smokey summer sky in an empty field just east of Downtown Los Angeles for a "Let's Get It Done" send off event organized by OFA and HCAN. What began as a typical rally for reform - one of dozens I've attended in the last couple of months - became something quite different when Blue Dog Jane Harman (yes, that Jane Harman) went on stage.


So again, I ask, how is it that Blue Dog, Jane Harman apparently ended up to the left of Barack Obama on health care reform?

I say apparently, because frankly, I don't know where Barack Obama stands on the health care reform. I really don't. I don't know what my President is going to tell the nation on Wednesday night. No one does. Sure, there are lots of bitter little tea leaves to be read between now and next week, but in the end, I can only hope he does the right thing.

Because hope is all I have right now.

Because hope is all I have right now.

Hope is what got me though the last half of 2008. Hope of what our country could be, of what we could accomplish, if only we could get Barack Obama elected. It's what made me give up work so I could volunteer full time as a Regional Field Organizer for my congressional district (CA-36). It's what pushed me to cut lists until 3 in morning for months, to organize hundreds of phone banks and thousands of volunteers to make over a half million phone calls to swing states all over the country. And I was only one of thousands, inspired by a vision this man, this movement, created. If only we could get him elected.

I, and so many like me, left everything on the road last November, knowing, win or lose, we had done everything in our power to bring real change to our country. Now, barely 9 months later, despite all the pledges, the rallies, the town halls, the phone calls and the canvassing that so many of my friends at OFA have worked their asses off to accomplish, I feel we've barely begun this fight.

Hope is all I have right now. Hope that Obama and his administration won't give in to the bullies and the liars, and will instead let lose the dogs of war, their greatest weapon, us. People want the public option, in every rally and town hall I've been to they clamor for it.

Fight, Mr. President, and we will fight with you.

Give in, Mr. President, and you will find yourself alone.

Yes, I still have hope, but right now I'm finding more inspiration from a Blue Dog Democrat standing in an empty field east of Downtown Los Angeles than I am from the man I sweated blood for in Washington DC.

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