Thursday, September 3, 2009

BREAKING NEWS! Jane Harman breaks with Blue Dogs and stands with Progressive Caucus on Healthcare Reform

At a rally being held later today in downtown Los Angeles, Rep. Jane Harman (CA-36) is expected to stand with the whip of the Progressive Caucus, Diane Watson (CA-33) to voice her support of a strong public option.

"The reason I favor a robust pubic option," stated Harman, "is it's a forcing mechanism to require private sector options to compete with each other. I haven't heard a co-op idea that makes sense to me....I did make that commitment, in writing, that I would vote against a bill that did not have a strong public option in it."

Harman has broken very publicly in the past with the Blue Dog caucus over health care reform, but this is the first time she'll be appearing in public with members of the Progressive Caucus, 65 of whom have written to President Obama and stated they will refuse to pass any bill that doesn't have a strong public option.

Today's rally, sponsored by HCAN and Organizing For America, will feature a number of local leaders as well as congressional lawmakers. Besides Harman and Watson, speakers include (but are unconfirmed at this time), Henry Waxman, Laura Richardson and Maxine Waters.

Thursday, Sept. 3

"Let's Get It Done" Rally
1245 North Spring Street LA, CA
Cornfield Park in Chinatown (1 block from the Chinatown metro)

Friday, Sept. 4

"Thank You" Rally for Jane Harman
4:00-5:00PM (CD36 Leadership meeting to immediately follow)
Polliwog Park - 1601 Manhattan Beach Blvd
Manhattan Beach Blvd & N. Redondo Ave
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

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