Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Democracy For America Endorses Debra Bowen For Congress

Howard Dean's Democracy For America, a PAC with over a million members nationwide, announced today they're endorsing Debra Bowen for Congress.

We asked DFA members where they stood in the upcoming special election for Congress and the answer couldn't have been more clear -- DFA members overwhelmingly support Debra Bowen.

Thousands of DFA members in the district voted in our member poll and 70 percent of DFA members said that we should endorse Debra. So today, I am honored to announce our endorsement of Debra Bowen for Congress.

Join the campaign today -- Volunteer to put Debra Bowen over the top in the May 17 special election.

You already know Debra Bowen. DFA members across California worked hard for a national endorsement when Debra ran for Secretary of State in 2006. Local DFA members said Debra was a strong progressive who would lead reform of California's voting system from top to bottom. Her goal was to turn California into a world leader in voter integrity and protection.

We heard you loud and clear and together we worked to make sure Debra won. And you were right, Debra has been an outstanding Secretary of State and she'll make an outstanding Congresswoman for California's 36th District.

Join DFA members across the district in supporting Debra Bowen for Congress -- Sign up to volunteer today.

Working together, we can put Debra over the top on Election Day and send a progressive leader to Congress.
In 2010, DFA endorsed Marcy Winograd in her bid against Jane Harman. This is the second independent progressive organization to make the switch. In February, Blue America announced they would be supporting Debra Bowen in the race instead of Winograd.

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