Sunday, March 27, 2011

Eighteen Candidates Meet Filing Deadline for CA-36 Congressional Race

Eighteen candidates - Six Republicans, five Democrats, one Libertarian, one Peace and Freedom and five candidates without party preference - met the deadline to file nominating papers for the May 17 special primary election ballot to replace Congresswoman Jane Harman, who resigned last month.

The candidates who filed nominating papers include the following:

Daniel H. Adler. New media entrepreneur in Marina del Rey.
Debra Bowen. California Secretary of State.
Loraine Goodwin. Physician, teacher, arbitrator of Madera.
Janice Hahn. Los Angeles City Councilwoman.
Marcy Winograd. High school teacher and anti-war activist.

Patrick "Kit" Bobko. Hermosa Beach City Councilman.
Stephen Eisele. Businessman and aerospace entrepreneur.
Mike Gin. Redondo Beach Mayor.
Craig Huey. Small business owner.
George Newberry. Real estate agent and retired military.
Mike Webb. Redondo Beach City Attorney.

Steve Collett. Certified public accountant.

Maria E. Montano. Public school teacher.

Matthew Roozee. Business executive, mathematician.
Michael T. Chamness. Non-profit consultant.
Katherine Pilot. Longshore office clerk.
Al Salehi. Entrepreneur.
James L. Thompson. Retired.

The list may change again if some of the candidates' nominating papers can't be verified.

The number of candidates pretty much guarantees no one candidate will succeed in winning the May 17th election outright. Under the new "top two" primary election rules, if no candidate receives 50%+1 of the votes, the top two voter-getters will advance to a July 12th election.

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