Friday, March 25, 2011

A Few Thoughts On Last Night's CA-36 Candidate Forum

If you missed last night's Courage Campaign candidate forum for the CA-36 congressional race with Debra Bowen, Janice Hahn, Marcy Winograd and Republican Mike Gin, you can listen by clicking on the blog radio icon below.

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I will leave it to greater minds than mine to pick this debate apart, but there were a couple of take-aways from it that I think are worth highlighting.

Debra Bowen:  She did a pretty good job of reminding voters that of the four, she's the only one with an actually legislative record. Wether it was AB32 - the landmark global warming law which big oil recently tried to gut with proposition 23 - or Sheila Kuehl's single-payer legislation that was twice vetoed by Republican governor Arnold Schwarzenneger, Bowen was the only one who actually had experience crafting, supporting and voting for legislation to deal with a lot of the issues that are still important to the district.

Janice Hahn: In her opening statement, Hahn highlighted her work as an LA City Councilmember, including this statement, "I've balanced my budget on the LA City Council." This sounded like a deliberate - if curious - choice of words, and it makes me wonder if she's sitting on internal polls that shows some vulnerability there. Just today the LA Times ran a story on the city's $400 million  budget shortfall, and a deal Mayor Villaraigosa reached with labor unions to cut the deficit by reducing wages and benefits.

Mike Gin: I have no idea why the openly gay mayor of Redondo Beach is still a Republican - he refuted nearly every position the GOP has taken in the last decade. I actually really liked the guy.

Marcy Winograd: Can someone please tell her Jane Harman isn't in the race?