Thursday, November 20, 2008

"As God Is My Witness, I Thought Turkeys Could Fly!"

One of the funniest gags ever aired on network TV was the Thanksgiving Day episode of "WKRP in Cincinnati".  Centered around a radio promotion gone horribly wrong, station owner Mr. Carlson and ad man Herb throw turkeys out of a helicopter to a horrified crowd below. Intrepid reporter Les Nesman covers the spectacle as if he were watching the crashing of the Hindenburg, memorably reporting turkeys 'hitting the ground like sacks of wet cement.'

In one of the all-time classic lines, Mr. Carlson later explains his rationale simply: 'As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly.'"

Now flash forward to this............

You have to watch this video to believe it. Sarah Palin appeared at a Wasilla turkey farm to engage in the time-honored practice of pardoning a turkey for Thanksgiving.

Everything went fine, until she gave an interview afterward. That's when a worker in the background shoved a couple of turkeys neck-first into a death grinder while Palin yammered on, seemingly oblivious to the carnage unfolding behind her.

WARNING! This video isn't for vegans or the squeamish.

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  1. The Governor continues to provide unusually good material for humor. a macabre sort of way.