Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Plum Book: Washington's Hottest Read

From the Washington Post:

The hottest read in town next week will not be another kiss-and-tell about the departing Bush administration or one more yawn about subprime lending.

Instead, Washington's government and political set is breathlessly awaiting the release of the Plum Book, a.k.a. the job book.

To the untrained eye, this paperback with the purple cover might look like a rather tedious government list of names. But to the thousands of Republicans who will be on the street soon, and thousands of Democrats eyeing those posts, it is a road map to employment in tough economic times.

Published once every four years, the Plum Book (its full name is United States Policy and Supporting Positions) puts in circulation every political job in the outgoing administration, including the name of the office holder and salary. The important thing to keep in mind about the Plum Book is that one-third of the 8,000 or so jobs listed are strictly political appointments -- that is, patronage jobs that will go largely to Democrats.

To see if there's a job that interests you, the Plum Book is available online!

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